Travel Thailand (Bangkok) – Real City of Angels

Back in Bangkok for one overcast but hot day battling the backpacks and fighting the pavement scooters. Never disappoints and even better at Christmas time…we felt like rock stars the amount of selfies we must have photobombed at the Christmas market at Sukhumvit. Day started with me taking us to the wrong BTS station (Ekkamai to be precise), man does not need map, will do from memory, we men will get lost to death before looking at a map. Anyway, after checking the map we were off wandering in the wright direction this time, back east up Sukhumit.


Most of the day was spent wandering and of course you cant not stop off at the Erawan shrine to pay our respects…even though…we ignorantly have no idea what we are paying our respects too…but we will find out big buddah. Jumped off the BTS at Asok which will take you right to the shine which is sandwiched between the shopping malls. BTS is definitely best way to travel by far with it costing you around 70p a ride on average although a small tip for backpacker’s, try avoid peak times, which is difficult as all times are peak times in this awesome city which has around 8.2 million inhabitants +2, would recommend a taxi if in a hurry as not expensive and more practical than the famous Tuk Tuk.



Spent a good few…and I mean a good few hours (felt like 27 hours of the day) around the MBK market looking for the perfect shorts for miss coco Chanel over here only return with a journal (which I will try turn into a pair of shorts if she doesn’t find them soon), but at least we got to sample the local street food, which is always a gamble but was feeling brave and potentially a touch suicidal. Spicy pad-thai chicken for those who actually care, a pile of tasty mush, for those who couldn’t care less.

Thank you to Hilmyna for the personalised journal, which will fill with useless crap and call our own.


Off to Don Muaeng again to Chang Mai for the night, we will be back again soon,  before heading to the elephant camp to work…which we’ve paid to do….reading this back that doesn’t add up…we’ve paid to work….something’s not right…I’m having words with someone….


Sitting in a small quaint café in Chiang Mai #Moonpie and writing useless info in our Teamgoof journal pretending we are writing for the times, thank you Bangkok

You stay classy San Diego