Travel Indonesia – Yogyakarta

DSCF2512Once again another arrival in the dark in Yogyakarta in search for a hotel, we settled up in small café in what we thought was the city centre, booked a hotel and used our favourite app, GO, for a taxi to come get us who then dropped off a quaint little place run by very friendly people but its hard to get a feel for a place in the dark. After a long shattering day we hopped straight into bed so we could go off and explore in the morning. We had breakfast chatting to the locals and ended up with our own little tour guide, Labina, who took us to the water castle, Taman Sari, that the Indonesian royalty use to stay at, or in other words, the king and all his bitches. Beautiful little run down quarters that is still used to this day for festivals and such like. Unfortunately the hanger was starting to kick in and a cockroach on a stick would not suffice so we waved goodbye to our guide and headed off in search for sustenance.

Yogy was already a lot more laid back and nowhere near as crazy as Jakarta. We found food in the main street, Jalan Malioboro, and spoke to a few of the locals who like to brush up on their English (usually try to sell or promote themselves) and ended up being talked into seeing a small art show that was only in town for a week (again we knew that their was some hidden agenda but to be fair the artist was not too pushy regarding sales) but his stuff was pretty cool and Megan had her eye on one. We escaped his den without a purchase and back onto Jalan Malioboro where the locals hammer up and down on what are supposed to be horse drawn carriages but I’m pretty sure these little malnourished things were not horses…I’m thinking it was a 6 year old paper boy in a costume, these were ridiculous horses who must only get fed on whatever dust particles hit the back of their throats while dragging some arseh&*e’s around day and night.
We managed to evade chariots of fire and went and hired a scooter to explore the area. One way roads were in effect around the narrow streets, but when your on a scooter in Indonesia, they mean nothing so we were free to get lost and roam around while daydreaming away which helps all the near death experiences.

Sunrise, we were told, was a must at S.Mangunan fruit garden. We got up at 4am, bright and early…. certainly up early anyway, it took about 20 minutes of driving for me to realise I wasn’t actually still in bed dreaming. We were initially hoping to get to the ancient temple of Borobudur but because of the rainy season we were advised its not the worth it due to the steep entry fee and disappointment. It took us about 45 days i mean minutes to get up the mountains on the 100cc puddle jumper and after getting lost a few times and dodging chickens we managed to just catch the morning rays at the beautiful viewpoint…shared with about 30 selfie taking teenyboppers. Would highly recommend it if your not guaranteed a good sunrise at Borobudur and only cost us 5000 IDR each. But it is a good 45 minutes outside the city.

Unfortunately, the rainy season kept us from seeing more than we wanted in Yogyakarta although we did enjoy trying out their different gyms and eating their Nasi Goreng…a lot. Definitely a lot more refreshing than Jakarta but still seems a bit backwards as I was interviewed 3 times by school kids (no idea what about really but we suspect tourism) and they were just not interested in speaking to Megan (one thing we had in common 🙂 ) only kidding, but seriously they were not interested in speaking with her and even when I tried to include her they were ambivalent to her presence, not in a rude way but you can definitely see that they don’t value the opinion of the female species as much as the men.

2017-07-29 (2)
We headed ‘Timor’ towards Bali next and opted for the plane.