Should we have imaginary lines on maps? Travel pains – Country Borders

We have been travelling for a while now, collected many stamps on our passports and had a look at employment and living opportunities in many different countries. It got me thinking the same thought I have pondered many a time…and not just because of the infamous line in the late John Lennon’s Imagine….

What if there was no borders? Would it make the world a better place? If i decide i would like to live in a certain corner of the world peacefully and contributing to society, why can’t I, or rather, why do i have to apply and pay for that right. Without getting too involved in the semantics of it I just wanted to voice a few opinions.

Borders are fantastic for controlling government’s, taxing and political leaders, I’m not an anarchist by any stretch of the imagination, but it sure as hell has nothing to do with democracy. Is it a way to ensure division within the populous, be it religious, nationalistic or even tribalistic fervour? I can’t quite work out the logic when I hear the phrase ‘fight and die for your country’…… your country!!! Your family, friends, humanity and decency towards living things on the planet are things to fight and die for, but your country…what is that, a name that someone at some point has drawn a line on a map and decided it’s theirs. Those people that created this are not ordained or magical in any way, they are normal sapiens like yourself so why are we still bound by this concept?

Nowadays, and I by no means wish to tarnish anyone who has fought and died for their country, it is purely a means for a certain parties to flex their muscles or the greed of individuals that still hold the monopoly of the planet….Greed pretty much.

What about the unfortunate souls who are born into and economical desert of a country or if that particular part of the planet is in the middle of a civil war and they are not allowed to leave? Are they bound to a life of hardship and terror because of what others have decided and cannot afford to go and see planet that belongs to them too?

I hear the usual nonsense of ‘refugees coming to steal our jobs’. If there was no borders there would be no refugee and therefore no animosity to begin with and chances are your job would not have been ‘stolen’ but actually more a case of the better man/woman got the job.

All this may be great in theory, and because we do not live in a utopian society, it would just be a haven for those who do not respect life and decency to take advantage (unfortunately it seems to be in our nature to want more than we need).

Would we all want to congregate in the same parts of the planet or would we seek a bit more solitude and why?

Would be great to hear your views on the matter as thought I would share some of mine.

Thanks for reading